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  • Product Name: Asbestos Braided Square Rope
  • Model No: FD103
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F103, Asbestos braided square rope, It is made of long asbestos fiber yarn and braided into square form ,extensively used as heat insulation materials on thermal installations and heat conduction systems operated at temperatures up to 250℃ ,loss on ignition 32% max.
FD103, Asbestos braided square rope, dust free made of short asbestos fiber by wet technics, working temperature upto 350 Degree C.

The F103 is also the first packing for making asbetsos PTFE packing, and asbetsos packing with graphite& oil.
Braided asbestos square rope with metallic (copper wire , or stainless wire) are also available.
Working temperature:250-550℃

Packing:in plastic woven bag of 50kgs net each

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