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  • Product Name: Ceramic fiber Bulk
  • Model No: TCR3200
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Com,ST Swinging Fibre,adopting Flint Clay as the material,melted by Resistance Furnace,is produced by swinging technology.
HP,HAA Swinging Fibre,adopting HP Alumina,Silica Powder as the material,melted by Resistance Furance,is produced by swinging technology.
HZ Swinging Fibre,adopting HP Alumina,Silica Powder,Zirconia,as the material,melted by Resistance Furance,blowing or swinging,is produced by swinging technology.
Characteristics of Swinging fibre without being processed is the material filled of high-temperature furnace heat-adding equipment.Characterisics of Blowing Fibre:
No lube,no processed,low ball sedimnt.Blown fibre is the ma-terial filled of high temperature furnace.Vacuum moulding ware.fibre spraying and smearing ware and fibre paper

low thermal conductivity and heat
No corrosive agent
Excellent heat insulation and sound absorption

Material of Fiber paper and vacuum moulding ware
Material of Fiber spraying and smearing Ware
Material of Fiber pouring and daubing material
Material filled high-temperature furnace heat-adding equipment
Material of fiber textile.

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