product detail
  • Product Name: Corrugated gaskets
  • Model No: TG030
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Corrugated gasket is made of machined flat metallic plate with waved or corrugated surface in 90 degree angle.
The corrugated gasket with inner and outer rings or composite gasket attached with flexible graphite or teflon sheet are available depending on the working location and requirement.

2.Performance and Features
1.Applicable to high pressure and high temperature location.
2.Strong corrosion resistance.
3.Stable and reliable sealing function.

3.Scope of Application
1.Working temperature:~650℃
2.Working pressure:6.4-16.0MPa
3.Min.Pre-tightening specific pressure:y=70MPa
4.Gasket coefficient:m=4.25
5.Max.machinable size:~2800mm

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