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  • Product Name: Double jacket graphite gasket
  • Model No: TG040
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TG040, Double jacket graphite gasket

Metal clad gasket is a composite gasket with internal nonmetal material such as flexble graphite,teflon,asbestos-rubber sheet and ceramic fiber which is clad by special metal sheet in cold work.

2.Performance and Features
1. Normally used as flange sealing in large diameter pressure vessels such as heat exchanger and reactor.
2.Applicable to middle and low pressure condition.
3.Perfect gasket stability.
4.General sealing performance.
 3.Scope of Application
1. Working temperature:~450℃
2.Working pressure:≤6.4MPa
3.Gasket coefficient:m=3.75
4.Min.Pre-tightening specific pressure:y=60 MPa
5.Max.machinable size:~2800mm


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