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  • Product Name: PTFE Packing impregnated with Lubricant
  • Model No: TR2202
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It is a braided packing made of pure P.T.F.E.thin yarns fiber which is impregnated piece by piece with P.T.F.E. dispersion, and is treated with a special inert lubricant.It is a very plastic packing.Under a minimum pressure of the stuffing box, it keeps unchanged in the long run. The low friction coefficient prevents the surface of the shaft from forming heat even in the presence of high peripheral speeds.

It is suitable  for high-concentrated chemical Products,strongly aggressive and oxidative.

Pressure 20bar(Rotating) 100bar( Reciprocating) 200 bar(Static)
Shaft speed 8 m/s
Temperature -200-280°C
PH range 0~14

PACKAGING:In coil of 5 or 10kgs, other weight on request. A box each coil, 20kgs per carton

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