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  • Product Name: Ramie Packing impregnated with Graphite
  • Model No: TR4300
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It is a braided packing made of ramie fiber which is impregnated with special graphite dispersion. Extremely low frictional characteristics where minimum shaft wear is essential. Rot resistant and ideal for marine use, handling cold water, brine and cold oils.

It is can be used to seal reciprocating pumps, rotating pumps, valves, power station, etc

Pressure 15 bar(Rotating) 15 bar( Reciprocating) 20 bar(Static)
Shaft speed 6 m/s
Temperature up to 100°C
PH range 6~8
Density appr. 1.25g/cm3

PACKAGING:In coil of 5 or 10kgs, other weight on request. A box each coil, 20kgs per carton

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