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  • Product Name: Ramie Packing with PTFE & Lubricant
  • Model No: TR4200
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It is a lattice braided packing made of ramie fiber which is impregnated with PTFE dispersion & special inert lubricant.  It can prevent product contaminated. Low maintenance, easy-to –control, it is not harsh on shafts and stems. Material Flax is also available on request.

It is can be used to seal pumps, refiners, filters and valves in the brewing and beverage industry, shipbuilding and other fields. Especially resistant to abrasive media in the paper industry.

Pressure 20 bar(Rotating) 20 bar( Reciprocating) 30 bar(Static)
Shaft speed 10 m/s
Temperature up to 130°C
PH range 5~11
Density appr. 1.8g/cm3

PACKAGING:In coil of 5 or 10kgs, other weight on request. A box each coil, 20kgs per carton

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