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  • Product Name: Flame resistance vermiculite coated glass fabric
  • Model No: V1250ET-150
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Vermiculite coated glass fabrics are tough, durable and resist metal splash and welding spatter. Vermiculite coated glass fabrics are capable of withstanding temperatures of 1000C for short periods and make an ideal material for fire barriers and welding curtains.

Application:Typical Application: Welding spark protection blankets/Curtains, Plumbers Pads, Fire Protection, Insulation mattress/jacket cover material, High temperature fabric seals

Basic fabric: E-glass texturized fabric ETX1250

1. Thickness:1.3mm

2. Weight:1250g/m2

3. Width:100cm

Coating: Vermiculite

Coating weight:150g/m2

Working Temperature:750 C

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