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  • Product Name: Super PLus Single side liquid silicone coated glass fabric
  • Model No: SILICONFA666E-300B-SG
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Description: High resistance to mechanical, thermal and electric influences. Good chemical resistance to acid and lye, Oil and water resistance, and flame retardant. It is a soft and pliable, very easy for make-up Working temp.: -50-250℃.

Application: Insulation mattress, pad, jacket; smoke curtain; welding blanket; fabric expansion joint.

Basic fabric: E-glass filament fabric 666

1. Thickness:0.6mm

2. Weight:660g/m2

3. Width:100cm, 155cm

Coating: Liquid Silicone Rubber

Coating weight:300g/m2

Working Temperature:-50 - 250 C

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