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  • Product Name: Welding Pillow fiberglass fabric made
  • Model No: WP
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Welding pillow, fire resistance pillow, it is made of fiberglass and insert with glass wool or ceramic wool, sewing it into pillow, it is good welding products while need pillow shape fire resistance.
We can manufacture all kinds of welding pillor, fire resistance pillow as per customer request.  Just contact our sales for details.
Outside Materials : fiberglass fabrics, Silica fabrics, heat treated fiberglass fabrics, silicone coated fiberglass fabrics, Ceramic fiber fabric, Carbonizedfiber fabrics, Aluminum coated fiberglass fabrics, Acrylic coated fiberglass fabrics.
Inside Materials: Glass fiber wool, ceramic fiber wool

Temperature resistance: 500 Deg. C . to 1000 Deg. C.

Size: as per customer request

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