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  • Product Name: Heavy Coated liquid silicone glass fabric
  • Model No: SILICONFA3732E-160R-BS
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Super PLus Both sides liquid silicone coated glass fabric has high resistance to mechanical, thermal and electric influences. Good chemical resistance to acid and lye, Oil and water resistance, and flame retardant. It is a soft and pliable, very easy for make-up Working temp.: -50-250℃.

Application: Insulation mattress, pad, jacket; smoke curtain; welding blanket; fabric expansion joint.

Basic fabric: E-glass filament fabric 3732

1. Thickness:0.43mm

2. Weight:430g/m2

3. Width:100cm, 155cm

Coating: Liquid Silicone Rubber

Coating weight:160g/m2

Working Temperature:-50 - 250 C

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