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  • Product Name: Pure PTFE Packing impregnated with PTFE
  • Model No: TR2200
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It is a braided packing made of pure P.T.F.E thin yarns fiber which is impregnated piece by piece with P.T.F.E. dispersion.Flexibility, almost complete chemical inertia, dimensional stability,low friction coefficient to compression, and excellent resistance to compression are qualities classifying this packing among the best available in the industrial field.

It is suitable for all the chemical compounds (excepting cast alkaline metals and the gaseous fluorine),alternative and rotary motions shafts operating at low peripheral speed,rod ,pistons,valves steams,expansion joints, etc.

Pressure 20bar(Rotating) 100bar( Reciprocating) 200 bar(Static)
Shaft speed 4 m/s
Temperature -200-280°C
PH range 0~14
Density appr. 1.7g/cm3

PACKAGING:In coil of 5 or 10kgs, other weight on request. A box each coil, 20kgs per carton

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