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  • Product Name: Rock wool board, mineral wool board, sheet
  • Model No: RW010
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Rock wool board is made of select fine basalt as the major materials which is pilled into 4-7 micron non-continuous fibers after melting by adopting advanced international four roller certrifugal cotton-making procedures and adding a certain of adhesive, dust laying oil and water repellent into rock wool fibers, It can be made into products series with different density according to various uses through the technology and sedimentationm, solidify, cutting and etc.,

Pertrochemical industry- heat insulation and sound absorption for petroleum industry, power industry and chemical industry
Construction industry:-heat insulation and sound absorption of parition, curtain wall, roofs and fences for construction.
Mining Industry:- Heat preservation and fireproof for industrial kiln, oven, large-caliber stock tank and shipping.
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