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  • Product Name: Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • Model No: TG010
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1. Structure
The wound style gasket consists of "V-shape"(or"W-shape")metal tape and nonmetal tape,which are overlapped each other and wound continuously.To fasten the metal tape,both its start point and end point are tack welded.

2.Performance and Features
1. Wide range of applicable working condition,high temperature and high pressure resistance,applicable to super low temperature and vacuum condition.Chemical resistant gasket is available under various medium,through change of composition of gasket.
2.Strong stress compensation,stable and reliable sealing performance even under frequent pressure fluctuation condition.
3.Perfect sealing performance.
4.Normal requirement of flange surface finishing which contact with gasket.
5.Easy installation and low pre-tightening stress of gasket.

3.Kinds of Gasket
1.A.Wound style gasket consists of four type:basic type,with inner ring,with outer ring,and with inner and outer rings. B.Heat exchanger wound style gasket:basic type and with inner and outer rings.
2. Normally matrial used:
A.Steel tape:08F,0Cr18Ni9(304),0Cr18Ni9Ti,1Cr18Ni9Ti(321),0Cr17Ni12,M02(316),00Cr17Ni14M02(316L).
B.(Cold roll)steel plate for inner and outer ring:Outer ring:mild steel,0Cr13 and 0Cr18Ni9
Inner ring:same as steel tape,special order is a available through negotiation.
C.Nonmetal tape:flexible graphite,special made asbestos,teflon and non-asbestos paper.
4.Scope of Application
1. Working temperature:-196
-700(not higher than 600 in oxidic medium)
2.Working pressure:≤25MPa
3.Gasket coefficient:m=2.5-4
4.Min.pre-tightening specific pressure:y-68MPa
5.Max.machinable size:-2800mm

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