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Hitex Insulation (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd ( previous name :Cixi Heungteung Insulation Co., Ltd.established in 1999), Located in Ningbo city of Zhejiang Province- the south end of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, she is one of the biggest leading fiberglass manufacturer and distributors dedicated to R&D sealing, fire proof, and heat insulation materials in the world for ten years.
At present, we have exported to many countries, such as USA, European countries, South east countries, & Middle east countries.
We develop whole series of products,including fiberglass cloth, ,fiberglass tapes, fiberglass ropes, fiberglass yarn, fiberglass woven rovings, fiberglass chopped strand mats,ceramic fiber textiles , silica fiber textiles, gland packings, gaskets & PTFE products. After prohibited in USA and Europe, the asbestos industry was falling down in dacades.
However,we pay more attention to non-asbestos,because it is clear that the huge demand of non-asbestos is inevitable trend around the world. In order to serve new requirements, we adjusted our guideline. We set up full series of fiberglass & Ceramic fiber production lines ,sourcing best quality raw materials, made into a aviary kinds of fabrics, and textiles, with advanced technology coating system make finished fiberglass fabrics available for sale. Nowadays, non-asbestos packing, insulation and gaskets are widely used in oil field, chemistry, metallurgy, ship-building, & power station etc.

The most important is that we provide sourcing, trading and distributing which enlarge our business range. China is the manufacture base of the world, Ningbo is the sealing & insulation manufacture base of China. Usual, we source many other related products for customers under the situation that one manufacturer can not suplly all for them. Swift quotation and know –how sourcing employee assure best quality but low prices. Innovation was used in daily work during all employees, special and useful products will be recommended by us at the first time on company website

Tell us what you require and send us detail, our experienced staff response quickly.

Now we are looking for partners to develop together . If you are interested in any of our products or our business, please contact us freely.

Company Info
  • Hitex Insulation (Ningbo) Co., Ltd
  • No.22, Sigang Industrial Zone, Yinzhou IBI, Ningbo
  • Manufacturer & trader
  • 50
  • 10
  • 1999
  • Fiberglass fabrics/caoted fabrics/textiles, ceramic fiber textiles,silica fabrics ,Packing, gaskets, fireproof & insulation materials
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