Glass fiber cloth/fabrics,aluminum coated fiberglass fabrics,silicone coated,PTFE coated,PVC coated, Vemiculite coated,heat cleaned,dyeing,Glass fiber tape, Glass fiber rope round/square,braided/Twisted/knitted,texturized,buky E-glass/C-glass,Non-texturized
Silica fiber fabrics, cloth, tape, rope, yarn, sewing thread, blanket, fire blanket, high temperature
The ceramic fiber has higher heat resistance characteristics, and can resist heavier and stronger heat impact than common fiberglass, therfore, there are some special usage for ceramic fiber. The ceramic fiber textiles which has one weak point, it is the smoke from organic carriers , now our company has conquered this problem by second time heat treatment which burn out the organic carriers . We always reasearching high temperature resistance materials so we will present our new research results to our clients once we have.
asbestos rope, cloth, tape, packing, gasket
Kevlar sewing thread, kevlar fabric, Kevlar roving, Kevlar tape, kevlar rope,Kevlar gloves, Kevlar suits
rock wool board, rock wool sheet, rock wool pipe, rock wool felt, rock wool strip
Gland packing series are used for sealing of different liquid or air.So the sealing packing are widely used in pumps, expansion joints, mixers and agitators of pulp and paper, power station and chemical plant,ship-building,ect.
We just supply high quality gasket materials which including Non-asbestos millboards,Non-asbestos rubber sheets, Non-asbestos beater sheet, graphite sheet, and Asbestos rubber sheets. Our Non-asbestos millboard produced by combination technics from Erope and U.S.A.It's a excellent substitute for Asbestos millboards. We own advanced inspection equipments and vulcanization machines, manufacturing strictly as per chinese state standard of asbestos rubber sheet GB/T 3985-1995, which make our quality reach a high lever than other suppliers
Mechanical seal,mechanical seals,Silicon carbide,Ceramic Mechanical seal,Carbon Mechanical seal,Rubber Mechanical seal,stainless Mechanical seal
PTFE rod, PTFE sheet, PTFE tube, PTFE tape, PTFE film, PTFE gasket, etc.